Requirements For Internet Banking Online Registration
Account Details
  • You need your BRAC Bank account number (16 digits) and branch name where you opened your account.
Debit Card Deatils
  • Please keep your Debit Card handy. You will be asked to validate your debit card with associated account.
Register Contact Details
  • Please ensure the register mobile number is active and available with you to receive verification code through SMS.
  • Please ensure your register email inbox is accessible to receive a verification code through email for verification.
Charge Details

To make your fund transfer and payments secured, we offer 2nd Factor Authentication (2FA). We have two types of authentication mechanism. You have to choose one of it.

  • Option 1- Email / SMS (Free of Cost)
  • Option 2- Software / Hardware Token
    • Software Token: One time charge of Tk. 300 + VAT
      will be deducted from your account.

    • Hardware Token: 1st time issuance fee- Tk. 1000 + VAT
      will be deducted from your account.
I have read and understood the BRAC Bank Internet Banking related Terms and Conditions and agree to follow them.